Elder Vaults - the requirements

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I was wondering if anyone could tell me what level and armor/weapon grade should I be in order to clear an Elder Vault and not be one/two-shotted by the monsters within? Should I wait for the max level and star metal weapons or…?

Most of them have some of the monsters outside where you can test whether you are ready or not. Some of the vaults that I found really easy and good to start with were:

  • Refuge of the Goblinoids
  • Refuge of the Gremlins
  • Den of the Wolf-brothers
  • Den of the Wolfmen

You can also try the mobs outside and get an idea about how hard they are:

  • Bastion of the Bat-demons

The ones I found a bit harder were:

  • Asylum of the Outsiders (if you can do this one, Demense of the Demon Spiders is the easier version)
  • Sanctuary of the Serpent (if you can do this one, Sanctuary of the Snakemen is the easier version)

The rest are somewhat in between in terms of difficulty.

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Thank you!

Today I found out that the Deep Ones (Drowned, Twice-Drowned) and the Children of Jhil are quite doable with steel weapons (Ancient Khopesh+Ancient Shield) and baseline heavy armor - until the last boss anyway.

OOT: This Maelstrom thing plays out like something straight out of a horror movie. A red storm, leaves and dirt flying everywhere, low visibility, then suddenly an orange lightning strikes and a horrific monster materializes!

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pretty much :rofl:

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