Emberlight mods on PS4

Emberlight mods are great. a lot of beautiful decorations and Designs could be done with these mods. but is it possible for them to get added to PS4 our building techniques could really rise and even battle that of steam if a lot of the things that steam is able to have we could have also. I do understand the PC can be hacked and tweaked easier than console but I believe the developers could make this happen.

It is not possible to play a modded game on the consoles.

The only way this could ever happen is if it were to become official DLC/content, it’s highly unlikely it would happen, but not impossible, considering some of ARK’s official content (like Primitive+ mode, the enhancements to building and a few other things) were originally mods.

Sorry, that is something beyond our power. but would be cool to see our work grace consoles.

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Your mods alone could do so much more for consoles. In fact, I’m considering scrapping the use of consoles and going pc myself. Tired of Sony PlayStation Blue Screens. Plus the availability for mods would be so much better than the base designs that consoles provide. Hardly worth the money spent when you look at what pc offers to that of a console. Its like a bologna sandwich compared to Subway. Lol

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