Empty Enemy Camps

Hello all, so after update 1.66 I started a new game from scratch. Am very happy to be getting back in this again, but now some enemy camps are empty.

I am playing single player.
I would consider this a bug.
I am in Canada, using PS4 slim. Disc version of game, day one edition.

Some enemy camps are empty. No enemies. Specifically, the Narrowneck and Cannibal Rest camps are devoid of enemies. I have tried waiting, using admin panel to warp around, changing npc respawn, (mine was at 2.6)
But nothing. Exile camps and the pirate camp north east of Cannibal Rest have people. I have not checked anything else yet, like I said, brand new game. What can I do to get my Darfari friends back?

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Is it possible you changed the respawn rate?


I did change the settings, but as I say, this is a brand new game I have started, and the very first time I went, there never was anyone. The Exile camps and the pirate camp respawn, so I do not think it has to do with the respawn slider.

I did notice that there was some mention of a similar issue being fixed in the testlive 2.5 update;

Some people were switching in and out of ghost in admin mode to spawn npcs but I think they were mainly world/vault bosses…

I have an extremely limited knowledge when it comes to single player, so if @Croms_Faithful, or any other single player gurus know a work around, It would be appreciated.


This now seems to have resolved itself. The npc’s are appearing normally. It did not happen until I unlocked a third Darfari camp, and even then it was gradual. Like after resetting game they failed to appear, and when they did, the guy standing on the cliff of Narrowneck was absent.
Currently though, everyone is now spawning as intended.
Maybe I went there too early or what?

Glad the issue has resolved itself. It’s hard to say what would cause it, but there is no limit on when you can visit certain camps.
Everything should load normally, at all times.

I have seen other topics discussing similar issues, hopefully this doesn’t happen to you again.

Good luck, have fun!


I just kinda assumed they were off…uh, hunting or something. I know logically the game didn’t spawn them in (check the crates though, usually loot is there), so I just think of a reason why they’re gone.
They’re there 8 out of 10 times or so for me, so I don’t think about it much.

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Im here now LordKAA, although it looks like things here are already resolved. I have noticed that a lot of enemy camps have been slow to load in as of late (especially after admin teleporting), and I have a suspicion thst this could be performance related. However…a lot of wildlife (ie-animal mobs) have not been spawning in as intended. It is possoble that this is interwoven with that issue. But this is just purely theoretical of course.

@Alhambra as LordKAA has said, activating ‘cloak’ mode then deactivating it will definately serve as a workaround to this issue in Vaults. Not sure about outdoor camps though; could make for a nice little experiment…


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