Encumbrance frustrations

I’ve had a bug for 3 days now. Numerous deaths restarts, server refreshes and Steam fixes haven’t worked.

When I put on my Armour (I’ve tried different sets and made fresh sets) my encumbrance goes up to the mid 70’s so as soon as I start harvesting I am encumbered.

Basically I am unable to play because of this as within a couple of minutes I have to return to base.

The armor I weare doesn’t seem to make any significant difference.

Anyone got any solutions or ideas?


Yes, put points in Expertise on the attribute screen G key.


Thanks for your quick rresponse mate,

Do you mean as a fix, i.e. take them back out again, or as a permanent solution?

Not wishing to get ahead of your answer, if you mean the later it seems a pretty radical use of 20 points in a category you may not wish to use, such as if you aren’t massively into training Thralls?


Not sure how it was before since I always had points in enc.
But some shoes give a lot of enc bonus, if you don’t wanna spend the points in them

You can also take a bearer with you, although if you play on PvP this isn’t ideal.

The meta shifted a little, what you did before the update might not work that great now as it did before.

No, what I mean is that you should have a couple of points in it regardless even if not going all the way to 20.
Or have you been putting points in that and you’re actually experiencing a bug?

Because on the very same attribute screen you can see how much your character can carry and how much you’re currently carrying in the top right part:
And all of your inventory items and armor also show their weight on their item cards once you click on them

Basically the question here is whether you’ve overlooked some game feature or are actually having some sort of bug.

Thralls are affected by Authority stat, not Expertise…
Expertise is literally your carry capacity so it’s not a matter of “are you willing to use it”, it’s a matter of necessity to be able to walk around with the things you need and the playstyle you have:

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Great feedback, I’m going to respec and see.

You are right I didn’t see that Expertise adjusted carrying capacity, except for the movement when encumbered. I’ll look into this - thanks again.

I suggest equipping everything you normally carry around, then if you’re doing a strength build, put your strength points in first (why? because that ALSO gives you carry capacity).

Afterwards you can put points in Expertise until your encumbrance meter drops below 50% and turns green.
Don’t over-do it though with the equipment on you, just things you really need, your weapons, tools, armor, stack of food and healing potions… etc.
Make sure to spare at least 5 points for Grit and the rest you can distribute how you see fit for Vitality etc

Also, yellow lotus potions are currently bugged and they might remove knowledge you learned in the game (like from interacting with an object that teaches recipes) so I recommend potions of bestial memory instead for respecing.
You can learn that from the werewolf guy next to the oasis, or if you kill elite animals and harvest them, there’s a chance you’ll get some.

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Thank you so much. Expertise looked pretty irrelevant to me in terms of my planned build and style. I expect Thrall’s are very potent but they’re so tricky to manage and so expensive to loose for me at thius stage I couldn’t see the point in wasting valuable points into that attribute.

I’ve looked at it again and it is pretty unclear that it progressively impacts carrying capacity.

It’s not that unclear, interfaces in the game are just not the most user-friendly :smiley: I literally just made a topic on that today haha
However the regular attribute page is pretty okay as long as you know how to read it.
So anything that is in the header, above that line increases with every single point you put in the attribute
All of these bonuses you see on this picture, you get in a progressive fashion for every single point spent in that attribute.
It’s only the perks listed below these lines that activate every 5 points as an additional bonus.

Actually you are so right. I did miss all of the hints that incremental points add capacity duhh. I was only looking at the perks. I may have been fixated on another game where this was the case,

I’m just so relieved it isn’t a bug.

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it was expertise issue - thanks so much for help


For specificity, in case it helps, strength gives 3 encumbrance per point and expertise gives 15 per. So you can also get a tiny bit from strength if you’re going that route. (Mostly just to help with your armor and weapon, though, in my opinion.)

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