End and bug download - document conan "Not confirmed 945390. crdownload"

Type of issue: Bug/crash/downloading]


I currently have a problem downloading Conan exiles on Steam.
I start by downloading the game classically (by deactivating the anti virus)
But once the download bar finishes I encounter a problem.
Indeed, steam me notes “error with on the disk”, to remedy this I tried to :

  1. I uninstall, and install again. (I have enough room)

  2. I proceed to all the steam tips in the uninstall, reinstalling, updating graphics card still not and disconnecting Steam.

  3. Finally I go to the file comparing with a friend. By digging a little I find where is the problem.

By following this path C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ downloading \ 440900 \ Engine \ Binaries \ ThirdParty \ GraniteSDK \ Win64 \ release

I found then a file named “Not confirmed 945390. crdownload” corresponding to the file at my friend grGranite.dll

I also tried to replace it with that of my friend he always becomes this unconfirmed file.

Know that the test version works, but remains limited compared to the official version

What can I do ? I thank you for your future returns !

My guess is you are using Avira or TotalAV. Create file exceptions with your antivirus, then verify install or reinstall at that point.

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Merci de ton retour sinon pb résolut

Résolut : Pour information il faut recréer un dossier qu’on nomme Conan dans lequel on modifie le lieu de téléchargement steam du dit jeu après avoir fait les vérifications disques

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