End game, final journey step

Reading up on other sources, I was led to believe by a somewhat trustworthy source :horse: that ending the game with the keystone would have your new character have the last journey step completed (which would be the only way to actually have all journey steps completed at all).

Being a bit of a completionist I happily took the plunge/walk and created a new character to start filling up those journey steps again.

Lo and behold, the last journey step was still unmarked.

Now, I’m not complaining about starting over. I’m happier with my new characters appearance and had the Khitan DLC in mind when I did. I don’t expect the journey back to 60 will be bad (first 30 levels completed in two hours without rushing) even with the adjusted xp from POI exploration. I focused mainly on journey steps.

I’m mainly confused. Is this intentional? Did FC change the behavior of end game and this journey step? The reason I’m asking is because the source is someone many here look to for guidance, and the completionist in me wants to tick the box.

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