How do you complete the last Journey step? (Escape the Exiled Lands)

How does one complete the final Journey step - “Escape the Exiled Lands”?

I know how to make The Keystone, and I know how to use it to complete the game and escape the exiled lands…
But this results in you starting over with a new character, and ALL of the Journey steps go back to default. “Escape the Exiled Lands” goes right back to being uncompleted, and we’re back to square one.

So is there any way to actually check this off the list of Journey items?

Nope, once you remove your bracelet that’s it and you have no option but to start over at the beginning.

Which is why I have basically no incentive to actually “finish” the game beyond doing it once just to see what happens. Even the cutscene you get when you do it isn’t very interesting.

I thought you’d at least start over with a new character, and the one single “Escape the Exiled Lands” Journey step would pre-completed. But… nope.
What’s the point of having a Journey step that’s impossible to complete?

Does Funcom have an answer to this?

You do complete it, you just don’t get the chance to enjoy it because you erase all your progress the moment you do.

About the cutscene: If you do it while others are standing near you using their own keystone at the same time, you see them standing at the ghostwall while you walk through :wink:

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