End-Game NG+: Unlocking bracelet - Get a placeable personal Mini-Obilisk in new character's inventory?

Make the epic quest even harder/longer/journey-completion based. Make the bracelet unlock/hack a lvl 60 only thing.

Considering how it’s now a little more arduous to get to level 60 now, and you lose EVERYTHING upon making a new character, wouldn’t it be cool to reward a player with a placeable personal mini-Obilisk which only the player can choose as a destination? Perhaps a new pedestal on the map room behind the volcano, which shines a sun-shine like glow over the whole map, to represent the player’s obilisk as a destination?


Not sure how and if an obelisk would be possible, but i agree that a kind of reward would be pretty nice.

Maybe also some change simply in the bracelet we all wear, the stone changing for an other color, this is simple, not realy gamechanging, but it would show that the player finished the game.
Or a special trophy, i don’t realy care if only as decoration, the idea would be nice.

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Hehe. That’s pretty much the NG+ of ARK, except you don’t have to start over everytime you kill the ueber-boss. Instead, you lose all the dinos you take into the arena with you.

But yeah, in ARK you get a new different lookign implant, and +5 to the level cap each stage cleared.

In CE, there needs to be something far better, considering you lose your base - Everything.

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yep, volcano-dungeon is also very ARK :rofl:

Have you ever heard of a game called No Mans Sky? This is basically the Conan universe version of that game…

Except you keep your shi(t)p after the birth of a new universe. On Conan you lose simply everything.
Speaking of NMS, they are adding proper multiplayer next month. Your comment might actually gain another layer of truth.

I would say the NG+ should assume the following: You committed more crimes. Got captured again. Got exiled again. You retain your exotic cooking, brewing and special recipes like obsidian, kingslayer, etc. ((Since all of these are still gated by T4 thralls. Improved crafting stations. Etc. It will never result in a low level character getting something early. It’ll just save you having to do the same easter egg hunt all over again.))

You carry over those recipes. Maybe the ability to teleport to your bed spawn point from maprooms?


I like! Neat idea :slight_smile:

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