Endless loading screen Oceanic #1952, # 1964, #1963

As the title says, endless loading screen on #1952, #1964, #1963

No issues loading into any other server.

Edit: 1964 connecting now

same issue as this

Same - 1963 endless.

Edit - direct connect via IP (found at topconanservers) doesn’t work either.

Thought I was the only one. can’t connect to #1952 after dying.

3 out of 6 official latin america servers have the same problem, it has been more than a week now and they havent resolved the issue yet…

#1963 i get stuck on the infinite loading screen 2. very disappointing to see how wide spread this problem is and not a word on the issue from funcom

It’s a lot of incompetence. 8 days and nothing. Looks like they do not want to settle. It’s almost Friday already. I think we’re going to spend another weekend without servers # 1998 and # 1999. The player base tends to plummet quickly if you continue with this clowning. Shame!


É muita incompetência. 8 dias e nada. Parece que não querem resolver. Já é quase sexta feira. Acho que vamos passar mais um final de semana sem os servidores #1998 e # 1999. A base de jogadores tende a despencar rapidamente se vocês continuarem com essa palhaçada. Vergonha!

Legit bought this game for oceanic PVE C servers… Well… Server… And it’s been down all day. Any updates on getting 1952 actually working?

1963 is working now, thankies

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