Enter the Fray & other provoke abilities

I very much like the change to Enter the Fray, with its provoke component only working above 51% tanking allocation. Can the other provoke abilities receive the same treatment? That would open up the panel of usable abilities across multiple roles in group content.


Please no. I very much appreciate being able to use provoke abilities for provoking with dps allocation.
For example in duo scens, where I am tank geared and my friend dps geared. I want the one with better defence to have the aggro instead of the one with higher dps, without me dropping the already lower dps.

If both of you have 100 DPS AA, then with tanking glyphs you’ll be doing significantly less damage, which means that your DPS geared friend will probably have aggro. It’s something we’ve seen when testing duos already. It ends up working better where the tank geared player uses tank AA to hold aggro and absorb hits better, which would mean this wouldn’t really change much. If you taunt with 100 DPS AA then you’ll get the forced duration, then the aggro will snap back to the person doing the most damage.

I have also tested it, and i like to have the option, as long as we don’t have actually working Black Sash or some other way to create aggro with dps AA.
I’d like that chance also in duo / trio dungeons and other content, where i really don’t need a ton of hp.

I think it’s silly that a tank geared person needs to waste either the defensive potential or the dps potential, if lots of hp is not needed. Gearing for tank is already narrowing the possibilities and making tank geared people not-desired enough for anything but tanking.

You can also use the agitator gadget already for that in any case.

In this case, provokes aren’t needed either. If you’re talking about S&P scenarios, you can just sneeze at the mobs and they’re already dead.

I think that pretty much sums up the intention though. I don’t see how tank-geared people should be taken as any other role than tank. As for scenarios, you really can do whatever, they’ve been made easy enough to just roll through them “regardless” of you and your friend’s setups.

I have had the same issues running S&P with tank glyphs and DPS allocation. Taunts are not the answer, as AWOL said the agro will snap back constantly. I found it easier to just go full Tank AA leaving the DPS to run about collect bombs and shoot the mobs as an when they could. This makes for a very easy run, but isnt much fun as the mobs don’t hurt you at all. If the DPS is too low to clear the mobs alone I can see it being really irritating, knowing that you could bring more DPS but cant because then your DPS geared partner has all the agro and overall DPS goes down isn’t helpful either. I think tanks will still be welcome in Duo S&P as it makes for such an easy run generally. If the threat multiplier started from 10% rather than 51% that could help.

I have had some nice runs with several taunts. The dps having aggro some of the time has not been a big issue, as they’ve had time to recover while i taunt again. I find this strategy a lot more fun than brainless aggro keeping with no damage output.
I don’t think threat starting at 10% would be an optimal solution, because that would interfere with the dps chance to grab some more hp in some fights where they are prone to take damage too.

I’m still voting for effective Black Sash or similar solution, or even the old agitator passive.
If taunt abilities would be changed to provide a non-taunt versions, i’d rather see the taunt part implemented in the passive instead of allocation.

Also, that was kinda funny, comparing Agitator, a 3s single target melee range taunt to actual aoe taunts.

Agitator isn’t a melee taunt.

Oh, look at that, I was wrong about that. I must have forgotten, always using it on melee range.
Too bad. That makes the previous comparison a little bit less funny.