Entertainment Buff

Game mode: [Online | PVP Official ]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [US]

Playing CE during EA when near an entertainer/dancer, I would get an entertained buff for a time, not sure how long but it lasted after you left the area of the entertainer the buff remained for 10 or 20 min. Now you only get the buff while in very close proximity. When you leave the buff goes away immediately. Is that intended or a bug?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Dancers are useless now. Only good for removing corruption.

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Idk… I think someone at FC got clever with giving them daggers.

I feel like healing in this game has become… a chore.

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Edard, that’s the way it is supposed to be. The enduring buff was only a thing for the last couple of months.

I wouldn’t say useless. I put one of mine in the Derketo outfit and every time I walk nearby I stop to admire her LOL.

For the past 2 month until recently, the buff stayed forever (until death or logout) and it was way over-powered. That was definitely a bug (recently fixed - sort of), and is not what OP is talking about.

What OP says is true: during most of Early Access (much longer than 2 months ago) the buff would stay for a limited amount of time after getting out of range from entertainers.

Seeing how since 1.0 release the overly strong semi-permanent buff was introduced, fixed, broken again and fixed again, and still is glitchy (does not show up in the stats window, and frequently disappears and reappears while in range of entertainers), it looks like the devs do not have a handle on it and is probably currently not working as intended.