Increase duration of Entertainer buff by 10%

There’s a slight issue with the buff the Entertainers give. The buff allows a user to have a mild bit of regeneration, but the duration of the buff is slightly less than the refresh rate that applies it. What happens with a single entertainer, or multiple entertainers if you respawn in the vicinity of them, is that the buff is applied, and it wears off just before it’s reapplied. Because the buff is interrupted for a moment, the healing effect never kicks in. Dying and respawning at your bed with half health means you don’t get the healing effect of your entertainers. The way to get around this is to have multiple dancers spread out, leave the area so that they’re outside the draw distance, then reenter the draw distance so that they load at slightly different times (meaning they’ll reapply their buffs at slightly different times). This is extremely cumbersome though. As a solution that will have no other discernible impact on gameplay, I suggest increasing the length of their buff by about 10% (maybe 15%). This would only increase the duration by a couple seconds at most, but ensure that there is an overlap of when they’re applied, meaning that the buff would not wear off just before it’s reapplied, letting the player receive the regeneration effect of the buff.

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