Epic Boss in Conan Exiles (He kills me everytime)


Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [US

Glitches and bad lag spikes Kill me everytime. Bad optimization is the Epic Boss in this game.

No matter how skilled I play, my only deaths have come by way of some stupid glitch in the game that kills me.

  1. Teleport off cliffs
  2. Stuck inside a mob
  3. Lava floor
  4. Invisible Sand Storms
  5. Stuck in walls or rocks and mobs kill me
    Need I continue?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Just play the d@mn game


Which boss is the Epic boss?


Bad optimization is the Epic Boss


Forgive, this answer is not making sense to me. Does the boss have a name? Where is it located?


The game is the epic boss lol if it was smooth his list wouldn’t be an issue. I’m in same boat fighting on cliff got launched at least 10 foundations into the air with no body on return. Died by rhino king that wasn’t even near me at the time. Lost half my life fighting a rocknose while image was still I’m getting tossed around. Laggy game since launch and I don’t think it’s servers either just coding. Running fibre at 600mb down 300mb up should be smooth as.


I was running from some human NPCs at the mounds when 6 of them stopped chasing me to form a circle and swing at nothing.

5 seconds later I was teleported into this strange ritual, couldn’t move, died.




This went completely over your head.

I am basically saying, that the games glitches are killing me…


If you want Funcom to fix a problem, it is better to be clear on what the problem is.


Lol that is funny



Let me get this right… You don’t experience glitches, lags, mobs attacking you but yet on the screen they are standing still? I don’t have to go into “Detail”, there is about 20 + posts about this very same topic with great detail. I posted this with heavy sarcasm in mind.

I get what you are saying, but I don’t have to add “Detail” It has already been done and I am sure if any Funcom Dev read this, they would already know what the problem is and make claims of currently resolving the problem.

We Will See


A whoosh that epic requires a Sigyn at the Artisan’s bench. The craft of satire is a hazard of misunderstanding.

On my PVP server, my first set of Legion and weapon kit came from the great deity Lagandfall. Three enemies raiding Heliograph Heights fell to their deaths, so I got the pick of the litter. Like Sun Tzu said, sit by the river long enough and your enemy’s body will float by you.


Yes, I do not experience those things…but I play mostly on PC.
You do not have to go into detail, but it helps when it is done. Even though others have reported the issue, if each soul provides their details, the developer can see what is common amongst those suffering.

Sarcasm does not work well in text. Perhaps if we all had a sarcasm emote, it would become more obvious.



Here Ya Go…


I use the standard :stuck_out_tongue:


You do realize you are posting in the PS4 Updates and Bugs section right? You do know that the game is completely broken on the PS4 right? Here, let me go into detail:

  1. Buy a PS4
  2. Buy Conan Exiles
  3. See how completely broken Conan Exiles is on the PS4.


I know its not the servers or the connection. If you doubt me, load up a single player game. Same glitches, warping, rubber banding, missing corpses, massive FPS drops, and more. It even gets better in SP because the game is constantly rolling back saves, corrupt saves, structures/chests disappearing, losing ownership of buildings and more.

I was having connectivity issues to the server I typically play the other night so I started a single player game to mess around with. It ended with me ‘lagging’ while building my base on a cliff and me then warping off said cliff to my death. It would not let me spawn at my bed, only the desert. I had retain loot on death but yet every item in my radial menu was missing. I went back to my body to find that it was missing and then I went back to my base only to find out that I know longer own the bed I made?


Exactly. I think it is hilarious that you read PC problems they are having and it is simple stuff like I wish we could add better animations to NPCs and stuff and I don’t think that color of wood is right. Play PS4 for just a little and then see our problems. Like others have said if you have nothing important to add to the conversation then stay out of it. The game is broken on PS4. Not simple problems, not a little lag. Just plain broken.


Yes, I do realize this.

  • We already have consoles
  • I already own the game
  • The game is not broken for me.

I play mostly on PC. Are you suggesting that if I play on the Playstation more that it will be more buggy?


Lmao then play more on PS4 and you will see our problem. Or how about give the rest of the playstation people the key to why your PS4 is the ONLY one that I know that is working fine. Maybe you should get off of these forums and read other Playstation forums buddy. No one can play this game lol.


Shadoza. I am sorry for being rude to you. But yes I am frustrated. Wouldn’t you be? And you say be more polite about it but I am not understanding this. This is part of the problem with this whole community. Stop kissing up to Funcom. They are the ONLY reason the game is broken. So I should sit back and be all polite and stuff and happy while still being out money galore and can not play the game at all. Buggy is one thing. Buggy I can deal with. Literally can not play the game at all I can not. And again, this is not just me, this is everyone on the forums with a PS4. Everyone on reddit with a PS4. So yes I choose to be aggravated. So yes I choose to complain and be frustrated. But if no one is do you really really think the problem will get fixed???