Optimize 1st PLEASE (Truth Rant) PS4 Plee

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: US (In Game, everywhere)

I really want to enjoy this game but Oh My… I can’t with all the stuttering, glitches, lack of Optimization… this is absolutely Ridiculous.

I am on the PS4 (Obviously) Pro, I have seen and heard all the boost this turn this off that… blah blah, but man. I hate logging in to go chop a tree and the tree is there but nothing is happening…

Fighting mobs is like fighting latency itself… teleportation mobs is crazy… I get attacked by inadvisable mobs with names floating over their heads… I can’t even recall how many times I hack lagged glitched off a cliff to my death. Skeletons will fight me with their backs to me… Popup loading textures is way out of control… the chest in front of me takes 10-15 seconds to fulling load the textures. The game has great potential but man… this is flat out Bullsh!t for real… and it looks to be like a DLC is coming and the game is hardly playable at a comfortable rate. I would pay for a Optimization DLC before anything else to be honest, this is hands down unacceptable.

No matter what server, single or online, I get the same crappy result… Oh and yea… I have the PC Version too, Same thing there as well. Same thing.

Funcom… What the hell do you plan on doing to make this game even run at some form of an acceptable playable rate?? DLC before Optimization? and don’t give me that “check my setting crap or drivers bullcrap” because I am exclusively talking PS4.

We as a WHOLE need answers and results…

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Boot up Conan Exiles (Any Platform)
  2. Play for 2 Hours
  3. Try another Server, Play for 2 Hours
  4. Come back to this page with answers and solutions

Yeah, I was climbing down a cliff last night when SPUTTER-SPUTTER Fall, dead. Not to mention I spend most of the damn fight facing the wrong direction because sputter, sputter, teleport, sputter.


I have been disconnected about 20 times in the last 30 minutes, And in between all that I’ve been having massive lag spikes anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute where the game does literally nothing and either disconnects or sends me back hundreds of feet and the funny thing is when it’s teleporting me backwards it’s teleporting me to places I didn’t even go near. It’s definitely not my Internet


I have had similar issues as well. I just want them to Work on Optimizations Priority 1 over anything else.

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Yeah thats what most of us want no point in buying dlc for a game that doesnt play


I’m wondering why so many people have problems like that when I am also a Pro owner but I never been disconnected from any server I played. Maybe because I’m playing only on Official g-portal servers. Besides that my PS4 is connected with ethernet cable to the internet and I have upgraded hard drive to Seagate Firecuda which is HDD/SSD hybrid drive. I don’t have problems with texture pop-up most of the time. Only when I visit new area for the first time, but it’s not a game breaker.

The only problem I have to admit which annoys me is lag when I am killed by animal or NPC… there’s always a lag, or game freezes for a 1 or 2 second before I splash into pieces. All the rest works great! I also had a problem with Light armor from Journey tier III… no matter what type of light armor I was wearing the trophy didn’t pop-up until I have decided to buy DLC and making armor from it fixed the thing.

BTW. The game is really awesome

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Everyone here since day one knows that PRO have terrible performance in this game, and It seems they Will not fix this, If u really Care about this game, Just get a regular PS4 It performs much better in this game.

I have a standard PS4, and I second this, I have almost no issues at all, apart from the short stutters that are few and far between, and is a known issue on all platforms.


I have a pro standard hard drive and play on official server from G-portal and have no problems. No freezes or ce-error codes last was on release day but not many.
Same by me when I died freeze 1-2 sec. and rip.
Minimal lags for a few seconds when I come in new areas or large bases but I play over Wlan 5Ghz. I think that is normal over WLan.

No problems by npc or animal fights, pvp no problems against other player except they have bad internet connection.

Only sound bug is since release day and the framerate could be better constant but the drops minimal.

My friend have a slim and a lot of errors. The same issues that the most player have. Lot of blue screen, ce error codes. Reinstall or databank new sort nothing help.

Most of my friends say the same as other player. A lot potential, cool art design and make fun but the issues, errors, bugs most of my friends and players from tribe stop playing and go away.

edit: I forgot have the disc version.

I subscribe to any single word the opener wrote (even after months)
On PS4 Pro the game is FRUSTRATING to max levels, and after the last patch even more, as the stuttering even increased, every tooltip of interactable objects now creates a 2-3 seconds stuttering, or better 2-3 seconds of total screen freeze.
I must say though that I rarely crash or get disconnected, when it happens is usually because the server goes down (and it stays down…)
Funcom seems to forget that PS4 PRO should be the “elite” of the PS4 users, since we paid a premium price for the upgraded machine.
And not only we don’t get improved graphics and a 4k support (thats what the ps4 PRO is for) but we get instead a totally unoptimized product that makes our gaming life hell.
We love the game, that’s clear, we wouldn’t be here spending our time trying to have a better experience with the game otherwise.

Funcom should really really take this matter more serioulsy, PS4 PRO owners are millions out there.


This quote is the best ever and has been going on forever with this game on xbox one as well. How can this crap still be happening this long after official release. It still feels like a beta or preview game!

Still happens! Following thralls fight facing the wrong direction too.

Same on xbox one.

Don’t forget Death lag now! Or was it mentioned?


Absolutely agree. I love this game to bits, but I’m getting really sick of the stuttering, sound lag, the rocks and iron that no longer break apart since the last patch (25/08), the late texture pop-ins, what seems to be reduced draw distance (also since the last patch).

I’m playing on a Pro, using it as server with my brother on co-op on his regular PS4, and the number of times I get stuck while he runs on ahead are just unbelievable.

You’ve got a great IP here, Funcom, please sort it out before you lose your gaming base.

And just in case it helps anybody else, I’ve found that doors cause major lag around your settlements. Build doorways without doors in them, and that helps to stop a lot of “freeze-loading” when you enter buildings

Yes, that’s true, but I find absurd that we must be forced to remove doors to play decently…I mean

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Preaching to the choir, friend :slight_smile:

I’m not being dismissive. You are correct. There is lots of lag, stutter and overall issues that hinder the performance.

I can tell you that every console is bottlenecked by the 5400 rpm hard drive installed in every one. Do yourself a solid and buy at the very minimum a good 7200rpm drive or better yet an ssd.

It helps with this game a lot.

People will argue that the PS4 and pro can’t take full advantage of an ssd. While this is true It is a little bit faster and you have a drive with no moving parts which is better for heat and therefor better for your fan and also better if you bump or drop the console. Get an external for the games you don’t currently play. 500 for the internal is plenty.