Error Code 150 Lost Config File Blues

Hi, longtime returning player trying to return but I cannot get past the 150 issue, I’ve followed all the steps strangeui is gone but I am unable to reinstall it due to all links appear to have been pulled. What is the secret to this? Is there an update fix I could use? thank you

when you uninstalled strangeui, did you disable the aoc application in data>gui>aoc ? then re-enable it when you reinstalled it?

no aoc application exists and/or missing at the end of data/gui

Strange should still be available there :
AOC UI - Google Drive

You can find a registry file to possibly fix your error there as well.

Happy new year !

Thanks so you drop that error150fix file where? Data folder?

from any folder, it’s a windows settings thing. just merge it, you should get a security popup, accept and enjoy the game again !

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