Missing file 'LocalConfig.xml' in the client's Installation Folder. Contact Funcom Customer Service. Error code 150


This error is caused by having Strange UI installed in the past. We’re seeing this mostly with players who are returning after having uninstalled the game for some time. Uninstalling AOC does not remove files for Strange UI, and that addon is no longer compatible with the current version of AOC (at least not the old version of it). The files that are left on your computer are interfering with the game client.

Our solution for this involves a clean install of the game and then using the uninstall procedure spelled out by the creator of Strange UI.

  1. Perform a fresh install of Age of Conan. If the game is currently installed, then first uninstall using the file “unins000”. This is located in your installation folder. Then go to register.ageofconan.com/ and download and install the game patcher.

  2. Next, you need to install StrangeUI. You have to reinstall first in order to remove it the correct way. Please use the install procedure found on this page:


  1. The game should work now, but you cannot create a Saga character with this UI as it currently is. You will need to remove the addon and it is very important to use the correct procedure. Please run the following file as an admin until you get the “AOC Mods Deactivated” message in the pitcture below, and then delete the files in the picture below that:

  1. Once you’ve completed the above steps, your game should work and you should be able to create a Saga character from the character select screen.