Error - not paid

I made a payment on the 7/9, got disconnected from the server while grinding hecks in Ado on 7/11 now its saying Error - not paid. There are no options on my account to reactivate or buy anything I’ve submitted a ticket to customer service has anyone else had this issue ? I have 4 accounts and none of the other 3 were affected and were subbed about the same time. I did just update my payment to a new bank as well for the last payment. My other 3 accounts will have the payment information updated also unless this is an issue that will affect them also.

We will not be able to help you with this in the forums. Please go to Funcom Help - Funcom to create a support ticket. If this is an urgent billing issue, then you may open a direct message with one of the Game Masters in the AO Discord. Please do this only after creating a support ticket. Make sure you provide that ticket number in the direct message.

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