Essence of Rot - Funcom, what was your thinking here?

Essence of Rot

Recipe is obtainable by trading a Fragment of Power to gain a random Unnamed City recipe scroll in the Archives. The Essence of Rot item is crafted in the firebowl cauldron by combining 1 Fragment of Power, 10 Demon Blood, 5 Bonemeal, and 10 Alchemical Base. These ingredients are valuable, and have other uses that put them in pretty high demand.

The function of the Essence of Rot? It immediately spoils food that you are cooking in a campfire.

Help me out here, Funcom. What the heck? What purpose did you have in mind when you added this recipe and craftable item to the games’ loot tables? Something that can be obtained at a fair bit of expense / grinding… only to have it rot food, and ultimately evaporate if it’s not refrigerated?

The ONLY thing I can think of would be to mess up an opponent’s cook fires, feed boxes, and thrall feeding pots. But even for those… those are not really relevant anymore in Online Officials since feeding was turned off.

All of that expense… just to maybe sneak in and rot out someone’s food? I just don’t understand what would make it worthwhile to craft this item.



Add it to the long list of troll items that have been added maybe? A lot of the Unnamed City weapons and items are trollish in nature, with no or only very situational use despite being hard to obtain.

I just tested it, it remains in the campfire and rots all meat therein instead of cooking. If you’re cranking serious human flesh and non-blue fish, this might be a path to ichor. Doesn’t work on stoves, though – that guy who stole your gruel might be worth punking, but he only eats fish sticks.

Later on, I’m gonna beat you up with my Battle Spatula.


Lol, and the table leg…

At least those items do decent damage. Even if they are odd. You can also display them on weapon racks. Essence of Rot? Not so much…

My wife actually gets a kick out of slapping people upside the head with the battle spatula. I’ve offered her other weapons, but she laughs as she swats people. Odd items can be enjoyable.


I had a female captain weld a table leg…Bar room Betty was her nickname. I miss her so much :frowning:


The essence of rot does not consume for 14 days. It Will expire. So the biggest thing this does is allow for compost.

You can use poop. But if you want you can use this to get tons of rotted meat. This Will allow you to make compost. Only thing I can think of other than ichor.

Exactly. So its not fully a troll item. It just may seem that way.

Also sand reapers love it as buff food.

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that would be awesome knowledge if the feeding system didn’t suck. These pets we have currently suffer from gluttony and cannot be trusted with stacks of food like we non-AI beings

Between Hexsing and Ranson I can make the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of answers. Keep a Reaper next to your squishbox so you don’t end up with untidy sacks on the floor. :v:


Best source of Putrid Flesh pre patch was the thralls guarding your base. Every time I looked at them it was a 5 stack of putrid and no real food…SMH

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Not really, put fish in compost heap and you will have tons of putrid meat in a short while.
You can also get a lot of putrid meat by harvesting undead with cleaver, so I have to agree with Cauthey that it is useless considering the price of making it.

If you want to be technical Essence of Rot may have use, but practically speaking it’s useless.

It speeds up a process. Personally I think it should not be a craftable. But instead a drop from undead bosses in the unnamed city. Instead of that 1 piece of glass they drop they could drop this instead.

It makes sense. Thematically it works and not taking up wildly useful ingredience.

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