Do you enjoy Conan? Do you want a PVP server with plenty of build room? 10x Boosted harvest, and crafting speeds, thrall and pet times just enough to give a challenge. Admin clan doesn’t raid but has our base raidable. PVP 24/7, KEEP ITEMS ON DEATH EXCEPT RAID TIME, raid time 3pm-3am Saturday and Sunday Est. Starter gear package consists of: Legendary Flawless Light, Medium or Heavy armor your choice, 3 Star Metal Pickaxes, Sandstorm Mask, Final Breath of the Red Mother, 1 Star Metal Repair Hammer, 1 Weapon style of your choice ie Single, 2 handed, daggers… roughly 45-55dmg
Bronze coin for successful raiding includes Admin base and Admin Raid bases- easy, normal, and hard difficulties different rewards for different tiers. I listen to my community and want to make the server fun and enjoyable for everyone. Arena is up, Maprooms and dancers at every obelisk except Unnamed City. Admin city is safe place.
Admins send psn msg and invite to voice chat to give gear. Event log is public.

ETHERION is server name

Hope to see you online, have a wonderful day