Ever Since Thrall Nerf Age of War, most folk are just putting thralls on guard/scout mode when pvp happens

Maybe thralls were weakened too much? If people don’t want to even bother using them anymore in pvp or combat?


This was not always a thing?

Even when thralls had 5digit health on average, they still died extremely fast in PVP.

Thralls are weak in PvP because their AI is garbage.
You need a player that is not careful at all to fall into a place with 10+ Thralls for them to be useful :notlikethis:

I may be exaggerating, but it’s just to make a point :eyes:

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Just seems since AOW more folk “have” been doing it, is what i’m trying to make.

I don’t think this is an exaggeration at all. I think this is pretty spot on.

Will it survive RockSlide? That’s the gauge I would test with.
Also, by now, players have learned the stances of the thralls, and thus players know how to move out of the way and avoid damage. The A.I. needs to learn how to go-around some objects.

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the fisrt 1 skull skeleton on wine cellar massacrated a relic hunter lvl 20 fully geared/buff like in 2 min, they are near to useless now, next time in the dungeon i will let them wait in a safe distance while i care the skel miniboss by my self. They will be useful on in the final figth with the demon to distract the lesser skeletons. in bosses like rootdemon, rockslide, arena champion, wine cellar skeletons, and scorpions they will surelly die, if you not invest time and resoruces to gear, buff and control them in battle, you will need to worry the whole figth with their safety. Considering their AI is very dumb, and they dont dodge it will give the player a hard time in battle, plus when the lag is high on the server, they simple ignore the player commands and if we suffer a disconnect during the battle (occurs so often) they get more weakned and dies faster.

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I don’t know about relic hunters, but so far the only reliable thralls i can speak are the berserkers and the volcano thralls. I took them both (not together i don’t play authority) to the wine cellar and like you said they took good dmg from 1s skeletons. But they made it in the Thag battle :man_shrugging:. I remember when age of sorcery arrived i took a lvl19 berserker and a horse to Thag and they both died. Now my horse has over 30k hp and my berserkers hit really good without authority points. Maybe it’s momentums fault :rofl:.

It is! You don’t need Thrall damage when they can carry Legendary Weapons that break the game :theworst:

I don’t see it this way with all do respect! It was wrong to loose a lvl 20 horse and a lvl 20 Berserker in this fight, especially when you damage this way. It was wrong to babysit your thralls and horses. Now you can go confident in a fight, do it and after you finish it to give some attention to them. Not in fight. Dennis said that he wanted to release the pressure from fights and he succeed it. I have nothing to complain in this.
My comment in this situation is Bravo well done, nothing else.

I’m just saying Thralls are not powerful, but Legendary Weapons are broken enough to make them powerful.

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True :+1:t6:.

I OTOH disagree. Thralls are pretty much pointless now. They help a little, but I prefer not using them. I survive without them and won’t risk what took me hours to level just because they had a brain fart and where killed by a low level enemy.
No thrall is up to task when it comes to capturing during purges. 90% of thralls are useless.
Some less skilled players might benefit from having them tagging along, but the risk exists. They’ll have to babysit them from fight to fight. It’s a pain. Instead of feeling helped by having a thrall, I feel concerned so that he doesn’t die.
They are just one more thing made useless by funcom, adding to many many others, if you ask me. They are a time sink. When you used to put them on the wheel and they took a long time to break, you would go offline. Now, the wheel part is faster but leveling them takes significantly more time. You can’t go offline when doing it. So they just transfered thrall related time from the offline part to the online part.
Then you need to cook for them. They are weaker, so you need to spend more time in that too. They need better armors, bandages, etc. More time.
And so it goes.
Are they viable? A ver small minority is.
Are they worth it? For most reasonably skilled players, probably not.
But if you want to play Age of War, chapter 2 will bring harder purges, so you’ll need the worthless thralls anyway.
And so it goes. Swine move, if you ask me, that has nothing to do with balance or us having fun.
You either understand this or you refuse to and find excuses for what isn’t a change made with our benefit in mind or to havy any sort of imaginary balance. They have no clue about any kind of balance. That’s one of the worst aspects of this game.
Anyway, I’m playing another game already. Got fed up with all the broken stuff that doesn’t get fixed. I’ll check Conan in a month or so, to see if there were some fixes to all the broken stuff.

We’ll basically be using hordes of Zombies instead, because those are not a time sink and you don’ care about losing them :theworst:

Pretty sad to see options being reduced drastically.

Yeah, probably wise, but afaik zombies don’t capture. They just kill.

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Yes this is good finaly i can fight this peopels and not ther thralls and peopels maby stop the stuff whit npcs glitching in buildings too kill peopels

Another pvper ■■■■■■■■ his pants because he can’t fight shit. Thralls were never the problem on pvp. Only for bad players. Wait until Thugra one shots you. You’ll love it. We never had a Thrall doing the kind of damage t4 yoggite fighters can do now.

This is why I don’t use zombies or pets. If I want to capture, I outfit thralls. I don’t like being forced into a position where I can’t capture because the only option is potentially being obliterated. Because of this, I’m very skeptical about the supposedly ramped up purge difficulty in the next chapter. I haven’t even started a coffer because I wanna see what it’s gonna do.

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As usual, it’s unbalanced, @jmk1999 . Poorly thought. That’s funcom’s speciality: unbalancing and making useless stuff. :smile:
Low hp thralls are unfit for capture. They need to be able to sustain heavy punishment and survive. With higher dmg output from the attacker and lower hp for the thrall taker, this is near impossible. I’ll try to do the capture myself before they reach the base.

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Yeah, I’ll be waiting on the purge reviews by you guys who so foolishly packed your coffers early on. I got gold and silver in my “bank.” I could make a coffer at any time if I want.