Everyone can cheat. Test-Server*


I opened a server just to see what’s new on g portal and whether it is worth to do it.

But I am missing some admin functionality so I don’t extend the contract.

It ends in 6 days. I enabled the everyone can cheat function.

So if someone just wanna have some fun or try something and don’t destroy their singleplayer game… Feel free to do whatever you want.

The server name is:

What exactly you wanted more? I know it’s difficult to be an admin. Many players can make you run for days in your server cleaning it up. @sestus2009 has an option on wyrms bane the territory of the clan to be visible regardless. Yet in pvp that’s not good. However if someone enters your server and won’t create a clan he is difficult detectable. So what are the tools you needed to have, to administrate a private server?
I would like to have some restrictions that automatically work and I won’t be 24/7 logged in my server checking the fly flying :rofl:.
For example, as soon as a new player creates a new character, before the toon spawn in desert, I would love to have a panel (text) that writes the most basic rules and a timer so people couldn’t skip it :man_shrugging:.
There’s more, but I surely would like to read your issues.

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