Examples of steampunk architecture?

I’ve recently gotten back into playing CE and the server I’m on is about to do a wipe. Every time I start over I like to pick a theme to base my character/builds around, and this time around my wife and I are going to be playing goblins. lol Thanks to the AoC mod, we’re making short, green, pointy-eared pains in the ■■■■. >_>;;

Anyhoo, the main reason I’m creating this thread is because I’m thinking of trying my hand at some sort of steampunk architecture, so I was curious if anyone out there has tried something similar, and if you have, would you mind sharing your creations?? I learn a lot about building in this game not only by trial and error, but by seeing what others have built.

So if any of you have creations that could come close to fitting that theme, would you share them please?? :slight_smile: If they don’t follow the theme but are badass builds anyway, please share them. :smiley: If this is not the best place for this sort of thread, then I apologize, mods, go ahead and move it. :slight_smile:


Cool thread, and no apologies needed from my perspective. I don’t know what steampunk architecture would look like, but you should post some examples of what you would like to make. There are a lot of creative folks on the boards, and they may have some ideas.

Another place you might want to look at is this thread. Or this one. I don’t know if there are any examples of steampunk, but there are some amazing creations in both. Good luck!

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Okay so I don’t know exactly what options are available given you’re playing modded, but I’d be very surprised to see much in the way of steampunk using original assets only. Off the top of my head, the only things that even come close are the elevators and drawbridges, and neither of those are that steampunky.

Actually, on second thought, there’s also some of the braziers, the chimney-looking ones specifically (Acheronian IIRC?), which could give some that flavor. But there’s none of the gears-and-levers, gadgety-moving parts you’d generally expect in a Steampunk piece. Still, it only takes a little and some creative use to get going, so maybe it’s not all that crazy.

It’ll be interesting to see what you come up with :+1:

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The Turan set is very Bronze. Very very bronze. You could if building more horizontal create gears with triangle and square peices. From a top view you could make it look like clockwork. If you added insulated wood pieces you could do the brown effect.

If you stuck with certain tall braziers you could create quite the look. Using the metal reinforced door would be very industrial looking.

Again it would be more top down steam punk but you could easentally live in gears all close together.

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