Excessive rag dolling and body marker

I have over 1700 hours in this game and the one thing that is fundamental to this game is body recovery as on many servers your items are left on your dead body when you respawn somewhere else.

The issue with is that the game physics engine for some reason decides to use hyper-gravity when anything dies in this game on any sort of incline. This results in the body flopping down are around the incline to rest an excessive distance from the original location of death. This issue is coupled with seemingly impossible to fix big of the death markers not showing on the map or they don’t show the true location of the body on the map. And to add one other issue to make the others even more frustrating sometimes due yet another bug the body will not be visible to player trying to recover it (sorry solo players our bad) it or it will fall under the ground anyway.

Death and recover is too important in this game for it not function properly this late in the game.

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