Exiles solo l can not get in solo after soccer’s 2 update

I have been playing Conan exiles for over 6 years l went to solo to make builds and then have the ideas to bring to official last update l can not get into my solo exiles but l can get into my siptah, did it delete my exiles ? Is it a bug or mod bug

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Any details perhaps?
What’s happening when you try to log in? Do you not have the option for EL? or it crashes or something?

You can check whether the files are there. In your game installation folder (in Steam, right-click → manage → browse local files) navigate to ConanSandbox\Saved and there should be a game.db file there. that’s your EL save. The Siptah save is DLC_Siptah.db.

You can also copy those files to a different location to make a backup in case you uninstall / reinstall the game etc. (which btw if you have done recently, that’s the reason it’s gone since this game does NOT save to the Steam cloud or even to your “My documents”, it keeps the save files exclusively in the installation directory so if you uninstall the game they permanently vanish.

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It is not soccer, it is football. (:stuck_out_tongue: )

Time traveller?

Hi l just started using this forum , but I’m not sure how to find this place you are talking about on my PlayStation 5.I’m totally not a computer wizard

True l miss spelled it ( sorcery )

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I will try to find the place in my PlayStation 5

Oh my nope l never have found a place to copy or save

As far as it being a solo , l can always start over . And loose all the total hours building and game time , and that would be okay to do l guess but not sure even how to delete just exiles by itself and at the same time delete my solo siptha at the same time that l want to keep

I called PlayStation up and they had no idea on in my PlayStation where to find this file

Yea, you’re not going to have any luck with that on Playstation.
Those instructions were for PC :slight_smile:
With playstation you just “never know” as you can’t directly poke around with the files normally and their save system is managed a bit differently

Since you play on PlayStation i will summon the great spirit of @Barnes! This high spirit may help you to recover an old save!
I personally had the same issue after 3.0 update and i deleted all my exile lands Single player game, i started a new and my old poor ps4 became as fast as pc on single player! But i do understand the reasons for someone not to act this way! I hope you’ll find a better solution.

Plus it’s best to report these issues on the PlayStation bug section, not in general discussion! Cheers :+1:t6:


Whoops, forgot to hit send on my reply, have had the tab open.

What’s your status @TheSharpBlades?

Usually there should be no reason why your old savegame doesn’t work, except in the cases where: a) your savegame was from very early in revision status (for instance from 2018 – tested today) or b) your savegame was corrupted and unplayable prior to 3.0 and because you weren’t playing it you were unaware of the game’s state.

b) is much less likely.

From this point forward I do recommend making backups of your savegames either or both on the cloud and on a local resource, like a USB drive.

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Adding soccer to Age of Conan might be a huge boost for sales.

People would complain about daggers being op in soccer, though.

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