Exiles suggestion to increase longevity, profit and to counter alpha clans

Lets us raid other severs seams like a simple character transfer but would be multiple character transfers at one time.

first profitability a small fee for this is understandable and would limit the amount of times you can do this
if a clan say 5/ of the 10 members decide to raid server A but leaving 5 member to defend server B the transferred characters would have to stay at least 1 week on that server before they could transfer again.

they could only bring what they can carry and maintain a encumbrance lower than 70

I think this would bring a lot of longevity to game for alpha clans and clans who want to get away from a alpha clan.

It’s easy enough to make a new character, and just run the Points of Interest locations to level to 60 in a few hours. From there, your clan can do everything they could on the old server. Most clans I’ve been in have done this at some point, just to have a ‘die-hard PvP server’ apart from their ‘secured PvP server’.

Sure, they don’t get to take raiding materials with them, but it’s easy enough to grind out explosives and orbs right now that a clan has no real trouble starting up on another server.

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