Exp rates for a server with EEWA and paragon levels

Im currently running pargon leveling to 300 and the EEWA mod on my server, I was wondering if anyone had experience playing to max level using this combination. It seems really grindy at default 1x exp gains. Originally the server was meant to be purist, but I wanted more levels.

I was thinking of perhaps tweaking exp gains individually rather than just a ‘blanket’ increase to all exp rates.

it is clearly not purist anymore, so you may as well tweak it to your liking :slight_smile: you can adjust the “active” xp only such as harvesting and killing and lower the passive xp such as idle and crafting.

I’ve played with Paragon on a 2x server and found leveling to still be quite fast. It slows down after 200, but by that point you basically have everything you need.

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