Expansion it need! My idé

It time for expansion more lvl and new item
Not only skin. And new T4 / smart thrall

New winter storm in north
Jungle poison storm

300k go
Doors 85k up

God dmg stay as they are
Only the jhab nerf dmg

God bubbel 500x zeal.
Bubbel stay in 4 day
New effects
All explosive dmg do less dmg to building. By 30%

New item. Call. Box of god every god will have ther Owen box that can’t be destroyed

Cost to craft. 1500 zeal. 2000 star metal bar 5000 steel reforcment
Only 1. X can be craft. 1000x slott

This box Will make ppl have fun and dont stop the game of ben wiped hard and dont want start from 0.

New religion system you can only have 1x religion
For the box

New portal home from god altar. Need rank 4. Cd on it 2h

New Thralla system.
You can only have 100x thralls
Pet 50x

New thrall patrol they Walk around youra base and gard. You can only make them walk around youra base

The god call in every Friday god listen to yours pray
Every Friday you get god buff must have rank 4 altar for it

You get 1x farm speed and passive
Buff speed. And yours base are full unraided. That day

And you get a random box( random loot inside

Sand storm mask change only you va has no longer whit sandstorm or snow storm

Sand storm
And snow storm. Only way to get defence from it is hide you in cave or build a small
This mode make the world more dangerous and fun to explore and make it smart way to raid or get bad time
For raid time
:slight_smile: so ppl thinke befor raid.

I want
Raiding more
Difficult not easy
Like just summon. A god and
Wipe them hard. When u will raid. You need thinke befor you do it if it worth it or not.

I want ppl
Keep play and don’t lose ther stuff to easy

In many server. Ther
Always like 2-4 big clan that work togther. Some of them can be friends in different clan. Because of 10x spott
That make hard to solo and small clan to fight then. Small clan get fast wipe

That way make it harder to ppl
Wipe so big clan don’t fight small clan often so they need thinke if it worth to fight a small
Clan or not.

I thinke this way we have more server. aktiv off ppl in my close 2000h in Conan alot of
Ppl leave. Because of wipe, they say it easy to get

Nerf all aoe of explosiv
Aoe only
Effect 2-3x Found not all foundation close
From 1x

Event day every weeken ( every event week are different mobs demon
Spawn In random place in map
You see it in map will show as icon

Demon portal ther will be a lot of hard mobs that spawn in the area.
Whit good random drops

Ppl will fight to win the event.
So the world get
More live. So ppl meet often outside

Mount. System

Fix all glitch. Like sword jump to base.

New faster speed. + elevator key now you can lock it and open it for

New map system the map lvl whit yours lvl

New road that leda to every. Harvest farm place you cant build near road 20x block and cant build over road (it Will be long road from everything in smart way so u cant block it in any wher or around. so ppl dont block. They way

Sorry for bad English. Ofc some
IDE u may like and some
May u don’t. That my ide every 1
Thinke difference and like difference


Some of these ideas are certainly… ideas.
However, the mount system has been specifically cut from all future updates.

Why would the elevator need a key? I get that maybe you don’t want randoms using it, but a key would be a little too much. Perhaps just the regular lock icon, or treat it as a bench (in terms of locking on admin-owned servers.)

Read this for more recent testlive dev work.

It has info on Mounts as well.

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Sorry bad eng but I mean like u can lock it the elevator. Or have it open

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