Exploration, risk and reward

I have seen some things in the exiled lands, massive structures, abandoned yet not uninhabited ruins, shipwrecks etc… However, i have not seen it all. I can recall a few times when I spotted some sort of massive structure in the distance, I immediately set up for a journey, a quest if you will. The travel being half the battle, and the combat fills in the rest, I am satisfied with my arrival to my destination. I bear witness to a broken down structure, sometimes upon arrival it is revealed to be part of a larger city, abandoned, and beautiful even though it is only a shadow of its former glory. There are times when abandonment is an illusion that quickly fades, once you reveal the truth of the inhabitants.This truth can range from a basic desire for a pack of tribals making a new home or what seems like a temporary camp, to horrific monsters, and giant insects who seem to guard the area. Whatever the case, upon clearing what danger might lie in wait, there is nothing here, no treasure to take home. I understand that the journey can be a reward in its self with breathtaking views of beautiful, or obscure surroundings of nature or byproduct of civilization. I understand that the resources gained can be quite fruitful, as the crafting mechanic is a foundation of this game. I cant help but feel like the ruins, cave, shipwreck, or ancient city should have some sort of Easter egg, maybe even a trophy to take home, look at and remember " ah the story of when i went…etc" I don’t mean every place should have something, that wouldn’t be special at all. I may be speaking too soon, as previously stated, I have not explored the whole map. Though i feel like there were a few places I climbed atop, battles I fought, difficult in enemies, and terrain…just to look at nothing where i felt there should be at least a statue to take home, that resembles part of that journey. I hope my point has made its way across without loosing potency, being lost to misinterpretation.


I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by loot so far.

I’ve found a few chests. Sometimes they’ll have gold or silver, sometimes a random piece of tableware or weapon but more often than not it’s just a bunch of random junk. I understand some of the chests contain epic weapons but I haven’t run across them yet. I poked around the Arena in singeplayer and while there were a bunch of chests there wasn’t anything exciting in them. I completed the Dregs with a group and got nothing aside from a few recipes. I don’t know if there were items on the boss corpse to loot because it disappeared almost immediately. Maybe someone skinned it? /shrug

What I do like: Things like the Mountaineer. Finding recipes. The fact that you can click on some banners and other items to learn how to craft them. I’d like to see more of that. More tapestries and banners, statues, trophies(heads or suits of armor or weapons), furniture, and other items that you can craft or bring back to display in your castle. That gives me a reason to adventure and explore. This is especially important for dungeons and the end of the dungeon. There’s a bit of that in game but I’d like to see it expanded on.

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I would love to see server-wide unique items.

It would make exploring interesting and give decent reasons in PvP to attack other people/clans.

Hey @Glitch I think you and I have the some of the same ruminations about filling these barren lands with '“more” so I’ll link my most recent post here since it pertains in some way to what you said. https://forums.funcom.com/t/singleplayer-blues/13271?u=merc-prince

I agree that the journey is fun but it would not hurt to find a trinket or item every once in a while that connects you to the story or the world around you. Exploring is the best part of the game to me, but we need something else to accompany it. For instance, after slaying some pirates, discovering a treasure chest by a shipwreck would be nice or even some regular old cave paintings would be pretty cool once you have killed more than a handful of spiders. We don’t need to have anything out of the ordinary, but simply more conventional mechanics often found in games like “easter eggs” and the like. Shoot, I would even take a puzzle here or there if it would help shake things up for the player as an individual. After all, games are pieces of art, and the best games will be full of wonder and suspense.