Exploring Ghost Palace

When doing the Tortage quest Xantia’s Wrath you have to talk with Paidrag, the tavern owner in Tortage and are transferred with him to the Ghost Palace, a small quest instance which can only be visited during that quest.

And it is really worth visiting.

So when you have killed the mobs there do NOT talk to Paidrag (as this would transfer you back to Tortage immediately) but have a closer look at the palace:

Then, as an explorer, I tried to find my way ouside the palace, and it was exactly here, behind one of the pillars, where a small gap enabled me to penetrate the wall:

It worked, now I am outside:

Even my twink made the jump:

Debris is slowly flying around, almost frozen in the air:

My companion liked to pose:

We took a lot of pictures:

Afterwards we relaxed at the edge of eternity:

P.S. Originally posted in the old forum where we had the explorer thread “Entenkiller und die verbotenen Lande von Hyboria” with some contributions from me. I have a lot of exploring pictures from then which I intend to post here from time to time. :slightly_smiling_face:



The first picture after you get outside showing the place ‘blowing up’ reminds me of an old Daw? book cover.

That’s very nice next time I’ll try!!
I’ve read about Entenkiller and saw in his old website something about the possibility to walk in the character creation galley, but it never updated, by chance do you know if that is still possible and how?
It happened to me many years ago because of lag and crash during creation, when I restarted my toon I was swimming out of that galley lol, so i relogged and i was headless in the beach lmao. I brought it in the city and people whispering me “wtf you headless” Pity i deleted that toon…that’ the biggest remorse i have

Thanks for sharing this. Always liked the Ghost Palace mission, I felt that there should be so much more to it. Think I might roll a new one so I can go through it again :slight_smile:

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I tried several times without sucess. Perhaps interruption of the internet connection at the right moment? Entenkiller never revealed his secrets …

I with Broc, but I hadn’t planned on rolling a new one for a awhile, but this find is making me want to start one. I just have to decide on what to delete…:grin:

UPDATE: I found my way in! Very cool find.

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Found this link to the designer’s Portfolio (edited link):

Name of designer is Markus Hofer, former employee at Funcom.


Found the way in! :blush:


gratz :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

Fantastic images of the outside. And strangely, still in the lore of the story. I have to remember to try it the next time I redo the quest.

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