Exploring: The Battle of Tortage

Most players who complete the destiny quest chain with this scenario will jump straight into battle, kill Strom and then travel to their homeland.

OK, so it’s intended by FC and that’s why the City of Tortage is secured against leaving by all kind of barriers including the main gate.

When entering the scenario with one of my twinks, I had a one time chance to do some exploring. So let’s begin here:

To get through the invisible barrier, there’s ONE way I found:

Here my twink has arrived in the outside area:

The stairs to the tailor’s hut are destroyed in this playfield. - Why did the designers bother with this detail if no player should see it? :thinking:

Before I continue exploring the outside area, I want to return to the city, taking my way over the rooftops, watching the fight from a safe height:

Now it goes to the outer areas of the map, where impressive landscape formations can be found:

And of course the volcano should also be climbed.

A strange plant, discovered on the way:

The climb is pretty rocky:

… but rewarded with spectacular views:

Then, on the highest peak of the volcanic mountain, you have a panoramic view of the whole island:

On my way back, a view of the volcano in the distance:

… and of the entire city:

Back in town, I found this strange idol, which only exists on this playfield:

Finally, here’s an additional hint on how to get to the outside area. :sunglasses: