Extra Crom Coins given

Recently had a bug where I ordered Crom Coins on PlayStation and didn’t receive them. I eventually got them after submitting a bug report and waiting for a week, but for some reason after another few days I was credited the same amount of Crom Coins a second time - so I essentially received double. Normally not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I’ve seen people getting locked out/soft banned from playing for having negative Coins and I don’t want to spend them and then get locked out because Funcom realized their error and charged it back. I’m leaving them untouched and making this post to hopefully avoid any mishaps in the future. Amount is 2640 coins, by the way.


Well I would say that after the whole Forum has seen this you should be safe I for one would raise hell if double charged you. If you want to play it safe don’t use more Crom Coins than you meant to purchase and send another Zendesk report
Hang in there Brother Exile.

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