Extreme lag after 30 minutes of gameplay

The last few days the game started an extreme lag about 30 minutes after I was playing.
I was wondering if it had something to do with my computer (even though it’s very good), so I used a program to see my CPU performance while playing, and what I learned was in fact the opposite. I can play with everything set to Ultra if I wished, and even that way I wouldn’t get to 70% usage.
After 30 minutes playing the usage gets stuck at 100% and the fps goes to 1 (usually it’s 60, because my V-Sync is On).
Ps: That happens even if everything is set on Low.
Ps2: This extreme lag only happens in this game.

Attached are printscreens with the before and after.

My specs:
Monitor 900p
i5 4690k
GTX 970 4GB Strix OC
8GB RAM DDR3 Corsair Vengeance
SSD HD / 87,7GB free
Windows 8.1 Pro

Thank you!

What’s the process that using all the cpu?
These symptoms could be caused by any number off issues. Ranging from a simple virus to a hardware fault.
This game is heavy on my 970, you might have an issue with your gpu, you might have power issues, you might have an ssd read write issue, as I say, all sorts.
Have you tried running a benchmarking test for a long time to see if it highlights an issue?
Try and get some more info for any confident solutions :slight_smile:

Has windows logged anything in the event logs?
What other programs are running in the backgroud?
Are you streaming or recording?

Thank you for the help, i fixed it by scanning with an Anti-virus, it seems it was a malware or a virus!

you’re welcome, well done finding it.


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