Extreme Lags that makes the game unplayable

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [Germany]

[ I have played aktive with my friends and it works without problems and at one day that game lags so hart that it no more playabel but my friends have nothing]
Now month later i want play the game and the same problem, only lags and freeze sceen and i have try all to fix the Problem and at least i have delete all from my playstation and only install conan but the same, only lags.
I have the feeling that problem is come with the addons that i’ve buy but i’m not sure and there is no way to test it without addons.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

There has been lots of lag overall places not loading terrain missing etc. but I’m on Xbox and have same issues but we will get some of it fixed in next patch I hope the don’t have an eta on it yet

I have that Problem since month’s, in that time was many patches but i dont can play -.-

Hey there @Fearheck, welcome to the forums!

Do you experience lag in online, singleplayer coop or both modes?

Could you share more information regarding your connection speed and whether your console is connected through wired or wireless?

Hey Hugo thank you. I dont have try other modes as online.
At first i played on a privat Server and now on official.
In the first weeks it was all ok and the game rund normal.
Dl rate of my ps4 is 36mb/s and Up rate 3,6mb/s and i can only use wireless.
Thank you to try to help mehr with my problem.

Maybe it helps when i say that the lags are harder when i try to fight or there is trouble, its so bad that i dont know where i hit and a low Krokodil can kill me easy^^

Ps. Sorry for my bad english.


For playing online or coop we strongly advise that you set up a wired connection to ensure maximum speed and stability.

Additionaly, performing a clean reinstall of the game or to rebuilding the PS4 database can also help.


Im Internet gibt es Tutorials wie man die Datenbank der PS4 neu aufbaut, mach das mal.
Und ich würde mal deine PS4 auseinandernehmen und mal ordentlich entstauben. Glaub mir wenn du beides gemacht hast kannst du wieder richtig durchstarten.

That was the first things i’ve done to fix that problem.
Rebuild database, ps4 komplete initialisiert and open the ps4 to cleane it.

@ Dejo707 leider schon alles probiert :frowning:

ps4 is not problem. this is game a problem

I have the same problem for more than 9 months, I have tried everything, I see each update with the hope that they will play the game but so far nothing, really I do not know if the “funcom” cares about our problem, I love this one game but it is impossible to play. I play on a slim ps4, my friends all play without crashing.

I use cable Internet, 50mp download, I have recreated the database, I did it yesterday. But I still have a crash on the official server 3576. I have conan since launch and I only had these problems after it was free on psplus, I would like to know if you have any modem port or dns configuration so that I can do more tests. …

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