F12 button not working for screen shots

Game mode: Private server
Type of issue: F12 button not working for screen shots
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: US

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I can’t get my F12 button to work. I have checked setting on steam and it shows F12 for it. I have actually changed the button but with no luck. I have tried different keyboards also with no luck. I was working but now it isn’t.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.F12 button not working on my end
2.I have changed the button with no luck
3.I have verified files

Domm, typically the screenshots will end up here, even if you have changed the location of CE. Try:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\313164654\760\remote\440900\screenshots

If that does not work, good luck, it’s beyond me :frowning:



Try to switch steam beta versions. sometimes after steam updates some games does not take game with steam overlay… for me its same as u say with Red dead 2… but sadly there is no fix for that… just hope that steam will fix it someday…

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It isn’t the screen shots. The F12 button ingame doesn’t work anymore for me and the settings show it should work.

Should I have the over lay on or off? Right now it is off

On - Overlay is the one who allows u to screenshot game because its steam that saves not game…

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Turn it on and see if it works.

Okay thank you, I will try that and see what happens. Don’t know why it was turned off.

Did this work for you ??

Yes apparently some how my over lay was turned off and once I turned it back on. I could take pictures again. Thank you all for the help means a lot to me


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Apparently, some portions of that directory path are variables and as a result may differ between machines. A Steam user can find his screencaps folder by opening Steam, selecting the View drop-down menu, and clicking the Screenshots option. This opens a new window with the thumbnails and at the bottom is a button for Show on Disk. Clicking Show on Disk will open the directory containing your compressed screencaps.

There is another option that I discovered in this Steam thread which is the solution I personally was looking for. I had never tried to take screencaps through the Steam overlay until a few hours ago, so I have spent the last few minutes trying to figure out why I couldn’t find my pics. In Steam settings, there is a checkbox to save an uncompressed copy of your screencaps. If that checkbox is ticked, then a .png file will be created for each screencap in the the folder of your choice. This essentially creates 2 files on your PC for each screencap, but one set is compressed and difficult to find. The other set is uncompressed high quality and is located exactly where you told Steam to put it.

Hope this helps.

Yes man, i am empty space, just wasted time by telling him about overlay when some guy just says turn it on and its answer … Now i feel bad :smiley: manny thanks !

Basic solution - go to steam settings and check out if overlay is working with game , some games just don’t use overlay by default sometime…

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BB, is there any way to change the default paths? I like both copies, but would rather have them on my gaming disk than on C:

I still have plenty of room with live, testlive and the devkit there and would want to keep everything in the same ‘spot’.

Understandable if there’s not, but wondered if you ran into that also.



Thank you for elaborating the solution. Anyways, sorry for that - fixed :slight_smile:

I don’t know for sure, as I stopped digging once I found the solution that I was looking for. But now you’ve got me curious and I’ll probably want to see if I can find the answer :smiley:

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After a preliminary search, it appears there’s no legitimate way to change it, but I did find a workaround posted a few years ago that uses symbolic links if you want to take that route.

@Hugo since this has been determined to be a Steam issue and not a Funcom issue, I make a motion this thread get moved to General Discussions or Players Helping Players.


Thanks, BB, got it and read it. I made one change to Steam and want to see the effects today, but having too much fun to relog :slight_smile:

Good research, since this is not widely known at all. Since I have it bookmarked I’ll test it and perhaps add it to the wiki.



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