Screen Shoots? need help

i know this is a complete nooby question butt how do I take screen shots and were are the images stored??

hi are you using steam overlay?
if you enable the steam overlay checkbox from your library game settings, (via a rightclick on the game name in the list) you can then press the screenshot key mapped with steam (also in settings) to take a screenshot.

usually this is f12, and a small thumbnail image will pop up in the bottom right corner after you take a screenshot with the steam overlay.

then when you exit the game, steam will show you all the screenshots you took during this game session, and you can double click to see it, or browse to its location, or upload to steam etc.

(if overlay doesnt work for you though, then you can try playing in windowed mode, and using PrintScreen on the keyboard, to take a picture, and then open up ms paint and paste it in. its usually best to press PrintScreen twice very quickly if you want to capture a particular moment - as sometimes the 1st press, does not capture) :slight_smile:

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