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Not a bug, nor is it really relevant to this Forum section, but considering the level of players that post and read here I hoped someone else may have, or have solved, the below …

A few weeks ago, my screenshots in Conan Exiles were saved (locally) in their native format, jpeg at 1920x1080.
Sometime on the recent past, that changed to png at 1536x864.
I want that to revert to the native filetype and resolution to use on our associated Wiki.
I cannot find anywhere to control that in Steam settings.
Can anyone direct me to the Steam location that specifies that?
Thanks, in advance.



PS: Yes, a Steam support ticket has been submitted, even though I had to use the Cloud section to get to a submittal form. I do not Cloud and suspect it will transfer hands a few times before they get back to me.

Hello there,

Are you using the Steam Overlay to generate your screen shots?

After reading this message, I endeavored to test out how this behavior was working on my own PC.
I was able to obtain a full-sized non-compressed image using the Steam Overlay.

To reproduce:

  • Verify within your Steam Overlay, that there is a hot-key established for capturing a screen shot.
  • In my case, I selected F12, which I don’t believe is colliding with any other program.
  • There is an Option checked “Save an uncompressed copy”
  • I verified or changed the folder under the “Screenshot Folder” button, right next to the hot-key.
  • Selecting a folder may have been essential in getting this working for me, as before this Steam would just offer to upload images to their cloud service.

Additionally, I believe I was able to capture a screen shot using Windows (key) + PrtScr.
The Windows Game Bar feature, claims to be bound to Windows + Alt + PrtScr.
One of these two facilities, captured a full sized game window.

All captures were in PNG format, which is compressed, but lossless, and is acceptable to most every website.

Hopefully one of these sentences helps a bit.

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Thanks for the testing, Bedwin. I’ve done the following, well prior to the change.

F12 is my goto and has been for close to a year.

A month ago, I installed a new SSD, 970 EVO 1T and moved my games, the devkit and my screenshot folder there, with link through Steam. The change did not happen then, I was still getting native resolution and filetype.

I use the screenshot utility to provide quality visuals to the Wiki and while png is an acceptable format, the 36% reduction in resolution is ‘marginally’ noticeable.

By going through your detailed (thank you !) post, I came across the fact that the worst of the problem was not in the screenshot or Steam, but in the online conversion to an animated gif to be used for a particular Wiki page. So, you have solved my initial concern.

I am still looking forward to a Steam response and will share it here, but will probably not be satisfied with the answer you got. Even though these are publicly displayed, I do not want to use the Steam cloud service and would expect the same behaviour in filetype and resolution. I use one computer, exclusively.

Many thanks for the time you put into the post above !



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