Fullscreen vs Windowed Fullscreen

I find myself a bit confused after last night. I played games for All my life in fullscreen Mode, until a couple of hours ago.

So, i wanted to take a screenshot with f12…by mistake, i press f11 instead…REVELATION, f11 is keybinded to toggle fullscreen/windowed , my graphic Qualität has changed dramatically. From the washed out graphics, to an outstanding saturation of colours and claritty. I instantly felt in love with the way the game looks after the f11 experience.

My question is. Is this caused by my PC, or is the thing related to the game? I have tried with other games also, but it happends only with CE.

Totally into windowed fullscreen Mode now!!

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It looks so different, its like im playing CE on UE5. Thats how big the difference is for me.

I’m not an expert in stuff like this, but if something is wrong here, i wish it never gets fixed :innocent::kissing_smiling_eyes:

Coty, I am curious how you get to play the game on Unreal Engine 5?

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It was an exageration. A way to express the difference between a simple fullscreen and windowed Modes.

I only played fullscreen until like 10 hours ago and rarely had issues. Nothing special in particular, i9 and a ■■■■■■■■ old gtx 6300.



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