Fail to finish the rooftop - defies all logic

Hello, i started playing conan exiles a while ago and i like the building feature, yet i have trouble
building with triangular tiles for example:

I’ve built a round house started with a hexagon in the centre with square groundtiles and triangular groundtiles attached to it to make an even bigger hexagon.
When i tried to finish the rooftop using the same pattern as i did on the ground, a big hexagon it wouldnt let me finish.
I cant fill the hole in the centre, it has the shape of the smallest possible hexagon you can create in the game so the triangular rooftiles would fit perfectly in.

Dont get me wrong conan exiles has a pretty unique and simple building feature, but as soon as you raise the difficulty by adding triangular blocks it gets tricky.
I dont understand what ive been doing wrong from a logical point of view, since the rooftop has the exact same pattern as the ground except for rooftiles and not groundtiles.

Another thing that came up my mind, what if a player jumps or falls down that hole on my rooftop?
He/she will be trapped inside my roundhouse since they cant climb out due to the structure of the building.

Might be a stability issue. You cant build a very high pointed roof if it is not supported by walls or pillars from the inside. You can look up video guides in Youtube on how to build all types of buildings and how to handle stability.

alright thank you, i didnt know that.

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