Unable to roof large rounded buildings

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Misc
Region: NA

We are currently unable to roof builings with a circumference of twenty-four blocks or larger due to the lack of an inverted sloped triangle piece, on a twenty-four circumference building we are able to do the first layer of roof just fine but once we get to the second layer we are unable to finish the roof because it calls for an inverted sloped triangle piece.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Construct a twenty-four circumference building with foundations and walls.
  2. Place first layer of roofing.
  3. Try to place second layer of roofing.
  4. Cry because you can’t. :cry:

Its abit of integrity issue.

My Map house is 12x12? i think and can’t be roofed, 11x11 or 12x12 (have roof for stuff) you can’t fill in 6x6 spot or so cause not enough support.

Had this issue when making my T-rex and Brontosaurs, After abit, there not enough support in walls and such.

On 20x18 I used “diagonal decorative beams” were i could sneak them in, helped add more support. And pillars were could nudge them in.

My Map room, 12x12, I added Pillars in each corner. (2 sets, so 8 in all) which helped support roof, and let me close center.

Anything larger, i found a stack of Foundations acting as pillar worked wounder in middle. (thou ugly looking)

Its not an issue of support at the moment, its that it calls for a inverted sloped triangle piece which isn’t in the game and the sloped triangle pieces don’t go inverted, but having them go inverted would only work with the thatch pieces cause the pattern would be off on all others. If they did have a inverted sloped triangle piece then it would be a matter of support on larger buildings.

Roofing large or tall buildings in this game are a pain in the ■■■■! The stability goes down so fast from wall to wall and you end up putting pillars or walls where you don’t want them. The angle supports would help if they gave you support but they made them decorative so no help there.

Wheel of pains are a real pain to close in as well. Put the roof on last or you’ll regret it rebuilding. Roofs are so annoying to do…

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Yeah I find it disapointing that the angled beams dont give any support. I was able to enclose one of my GWOPs with a square structure easily, but had trouble enclosing one in a rounded stucture, mainly because of how far out the ladder goes.

There is inverted wedges, the problem is they don’t snap on the sides, only the top.
Meaning it needs a support wall under it.

The biggest issue with wedges is that they lose 20 stability for each piece. The surface area of a wedge is 1/2 that of a square. They should lose only 10 stability.
You need to use 2 of them to get a parallel side as opposed to 1 square.
Whenever wedges are used your stability ration is halved. It shouldn’t be this way.


Silly me! Thank you for telling me that flat out! P.S. I really like your name!

thats weird, after I placed them, I was able to finish roof. (thou I no longer build places that big and that was a few patches ago)

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After you placed what?

decorative angles parts. (ps4 anyway, they did work as support) But i dont build that huge anymore do to blue screen fun from to much in a area. -_-’

Well, I think it is not a bug, it is an intentional feature that adds challenge to the builder players. Why the limit is as it is now? In my opinion it is made to try to encourage people to build less huge or to make it very difficult to wallup a maproom, so that more players than the owner can use it.

The 1st floor roofing is complete? Or even the 1st is not doable? If 1st floor roofing is done, just duplicate the ground plans for walls. In pc the ceiling removes 20 stability per piece while all diagonal builds(ramps, stairs) 25. Check with a repair hammer how much is left on last piece that u can place. If the one u place next gives a minus number on equation then u need more support. Support beams or foundation/wall pieces carry vertically (both upwards and downwards) the amount of stability that has the piece they are attached to. If they step on a foundation /ceiling with 40 stability, thry will go up (both foundation and walls) or down (walls have that ability) with the amount of the stability left on the piece that works as base for them without changing it. Keep this in mind while u build.

The whole roof is doable i just couldn’t find the inverted sloped triangle piece, but I was looking in the wrong area… thanks for the tips.

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