Help with Insulated Wood Roof

Posted over at r/ConanExiles too. I need some help with the roofing system in the game, specifically the Insulated Wood Rooftop Intersection. I have tried so many combinations to get the roofs to work, but I just can’t get anything aligned. I thought I had it once, but then disassembled because I need to move my base and now can’t replicate what I did before. I have already found the typical “roof building tutorials” online and none show this kind of roof. I have over 400 hours into the game so I know what I’m doing when it comes to building, I just don’t understand how the peices go to gether for the Insulated Wood roofs. Any help?

Do you want generalized advice on these roof-pieces?
Or a more specific advice pointing out how it may work out to get the thing you want to create?

If it is the 2nd, could you please add some pictures along with an explenation in words that describe the visual representation of it?

Please let me know, and ill see if i can help.

I know wedges can’t have foundation on them. Plus wedges smaller then square tiles but have same stability which means cover less distance