Building issue (Xbox)

Ok, I have a thing for building OTT housing. But I have run into a problem.

It won’t let me finish the upper wall, but I can still add ramps facing down?
Anyone have any ideas as to why and if there’s a workaround?


Use your repair hammer and check the stability in the area where you are having issues.

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I can’t really see the corner of the base behind that rock but it looks like there’s no wall there. If that’s the case then you definitely have a stability problem.

If you’re trying to use pillars and support beams instead, you’re probably going to have to rethink the design. Pillars don’t provide nearly the same amount of support as a wall, doorway, or foundation once you start building off of them. They’re really only good for supporting the tile directly above.

Also, if you’re missing a foundation in that corner, because a rock is in the way and you built walls around it instead, that would cause your problem too.

I’m just amazed you’re building on the xbox version at all right now. Are you not getting the bug that causes you to punch or kick when you rotate a piece? I’ve been putting off a big construction project on my solo world for almost a month because it’s so frustrating to deal with.

Thanks for all the tips guys, it was definitely stability, which was partially fixed with centre foundation supports, but still doesn’t allow me to go right around do to a miscalculation… oops… my base is 4x4 not 3x3. So i’ll Have to go 2 columns each side. More bulk than I wanted, but it’s been a learning lesson.
And the repair hammer is a builders best friend… :smile:

Time to take my new skills further north.

From, it’s annoying but rotation is only a minor part. When you resell them the piece it rotates fine. Not being able to block is a worse problem.

For the punching kicking problem on xbox I noticed that when i pull the trigger to punch to place myself in a boxer stance, I can place and rotate items with no issues. Hope that helps

Ali, that works… thanks for the tip…

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Except the stance goes away after 10 seconds so you punch or kick again, putting the piece away, and forcing you to start over.

And God forbid if you want to adjust the height of a foundation placement. It literally took me an hour to get the 1st one placed on a new construction project…

Take out piece, punch.
Take out piece again. Rotate. Punch.
Take out piece again. Rotate again. Crouch. Punch.
Take out piece again. Crouch again. Adjust height. Punch.
Repeat from step one. Aaahh!!!
Hour later, give up on getting it right and just say, “Screw it, goes here I guess. Looks like garbage but oh well.”

If you’re building on a high cliff, this is compounded by constantly dying due to accidentally punching and kicking yourself off the edge.

The building system is the main reason why I bought this game. To a creative person like myself, this glitch makes it unplayable.

The most basic looking, crappiest shack I could build in 15 minutes in November now takes almost an hour.

Work around, not a fix.

I guess I’m lazy coz I only ever have to rotate workstations, which I tend not to put near cliffs…

And you can move your toon to get that mm precision.

But I never could understand OCD ppl… (not an insult, just a fact)

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