Failed to authentication multiple severs

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Region: usa

i have tried to connect to multiple severs and i keep on getting fail to authenticate when i try to connect to the severs i can get on the official severs just fine i have tried to uninstall Conan and reinstall and battle eye and nothing works

Hey @kavfire

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If this issue does only seem to happen on private servers, please make sure you’ve also installed the required mods for each server.

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the last sever i tried i put all of the mods in the right order yet i still have to restart the game to try to join the sever

that’s patently false information, Im afraid.

kavfire, if I were you I would check and double-check your mod install folders. If the mod handler is still restarting after setting the proper load order and this has persisted after an integrity check and a reinstall, I’m going to bet you’ll find your problem there.

Try unsubscribing from everything on the workshop, then removing the modlist.txt file from the conansandbox/mods folder (thats also where your load order is saved, so maybe doublecheck that and keep a copy for later use) and then making sure that you dont have anything in steamapps/common/440900

That would be the way to perform a ‘clean’ start in your mods directory.

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Not for him, and not for me. My game always does a restart after checking the mods, even if everything is correct.

What also can happen is that you have a newer version of the mod than the server does. It happens from time to time that people cannot get onto my server because of this.

My server does a restart at 5AM each morning. If an update to a mod comes during the day, the games of those players not already on the server get the update via Steam as soon as Steam starts on their PCs. But the server does not have the update yet (even though Autoupdate was checked on G-Portal’s server administration page), thus there is a mismatch. I have to restart the server manually to get the update. Or wait for the next day…

I dont use a managed host. So I dont know what kind of issues gportal is giving you. But the only reason you should ever see the client mod handler is if your modlist.txt isn’t configured to exactly match the load order running on the server, or if you’re not running the same mod version as the server.

That screen’s entire purpose is to prompt you that your client has not loaded with the exact same modlist setup as the server you’re trying to join and to give you options to rectify that (download the right mods and RESTART TO LOAD YOUR CLIENT WITH THE CORRECT MODS IN THE CORRECT ORDER)

If you have the right mods in the right order, you will never see that screen and you will never need your client to restart (because that would be entirely redundant) except for version mismatch

TL:DR you dont have the right configuration saved clientside, so the mod handler steps in to fix it for you and restarts your game with the right setup necessary to join with.

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Well, I used G-Portal’s server adminsitration tool to subscribe to the mods, brought them into the desired order and then activated them.

All the players on my server, including myself, never subscribed to any mods manually, we all got the mods via the game’s modloader.

And still every one of us sees the mod-mismatch page after selecting the server, and then have the game restart. Even if the mods on server and client are the same version, i.e. the mismatch page says ‘OK’.

Should the modloader not be responsible for making the correct order on the client?

Sorry but no. Both answers are not correct.

I described exactly what the function of the mod handler is. To download the mods and restart your client to temporarily put them in the right order.


Ok Starwalker. Lemme give this one last go.

The client modloader is a mod LOADER not mod LOAD ORDER SETTER.

It says “hey server, what order should I be in? Oh Im wrong? Let me tell the player this so they dont freak out while I get ready to restart the game in the right order to be compatible with the server”

Then it says “ok Im going to restart the game using the modlist load order the server has instead of the one that the client has configured as a default” and then does that.

It does not edit the modlist.txt on the client’s local machine.

Only you have the power to set your load order and avoid this screen.

And to make this abundantly clear, because the people that are arguing against me are again, voicing PATENTLY FALSE information.

You. must. SET. your. load. order. manually. if. you. don’t. want. to. see. that. mod. loader. screen.

Its. job. is. to. correct. your. mismatched. modlist.

Fact is: I don’t mind the extra minute it takes for the restart :smiley:

Haha. Which is a.o.k. if that’s good with you, but entirely counterproductive for OP, who is trying to potentially avoid an authentication failure.

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