"Failed to join requested game". What to do?



Hello there. I have a problem with the server “Forsaken Land” (it is in the image).

When you go to the server is a long load (loaded about two minutes in the list of servers), then there is a frame as it happens when you load the server. Then an error appears “Failed to join requested game” and I’m directed to the main menu.


These are the mods on the server. They are updated and are on the right list.


What could be the problem? It’s the only server I can’t access. Please help.


This problem comes and goes on private servers for me. Sometimes I have to restart Steam. Sometimes I have to restart my computer. Sometimes it’s the server hasn’t updated the mod, yet I have. I can’t ever pin point the actual cause, but I would assume you will be able to get in eventually (unless they banned you).


I have no ban, I would have learned about it. So… very sad, but thank you for help.


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