Failed to Login - You can still play offline

Tried single player out of curiosity.
Game tries to to connect to Funcom live services and fails too.
No single player either.

Same bug here, Scotland, windows 10…oh what fun loosing faith in funcom at this rate its one thing after another recently and I have played since this game first came out…

always something with this game,
good to know im not the only one dealing with
the instability of conan exiles

The same thing is happening to me, after making sure everything is updated, throughout Windows 10, Steam and the game itself. Restarted my pc and still the same error. Playing in South Africa but Single Player and now and then with a friend Co-Op

If they wouldn’t have tried to force everyone to use their buggy / untested FUNCOM LIVE then all of the bull$hit issues with connecting to play their game would never have surfaced.


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Same problemm here. GG Funcom

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Looks like it’s back up

Yep I’m in at last after trying for the last half an hour :thinking:

Same problem here :frowning:

Same issue here.

Had the same problem for 1/2 hour. Now I can connect again. Good luck everyone :slight_smile:

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Yes, I had FLS down for a few minutes but now it works.

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Didn’t have it earlier today after the patch and then tried again a few hours later and this is the message I am getting also.

Yeah I didn’t think so. Are Funcom wearing clown shoes to work?!

My game went pear-shaped after that update too

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Been down ever since the update… Hello? It’s good idea when you have a game that, you know… it works?

Over 24hrs since first report and no response to a system not only not working, but also claiming that you can play single player if you want, and then when you try that it just slaps the same message in your face…

Remember that Funcom will delete yer progress on official servers if you don’t log in for 7 days!

Any news? I’ve tried everything, even flushing the DNS.

OS: Windows 10 version 2004 build 20150.1000

Same here, rebooting my pc sometimes let me log in and play, but this is starting to be annoying, because I also use this PC for hosting a server.

I can’t play offline or online…
why this game is always always always broken?
Funcom! I’m tired of finding you good reasons.
I have rarely seen such a level of incompetence…
React! :rage: