Fake decay? Broken purge? Inventory problem? #XB

Got on to my old server official Xbox server 1410. Character Red Sonya, GT:NinjaKittyJen. I thing is messed up with the decay system or the purge. All my stuff was gone, but there were bags on the ground with some of the items I had. I figured it was due to decay and a player destroyed it, but what are the chances of it still being there? Sometimes I see buildings and when I go to them, they are not really there but giant bags of amazing stuff are in them. Then players are accusing other people of some how stealing their stuff. Some times my cupboards are totally empty and no one can get in the house. My purge meter never moves…is that functional on PvE? The decay meter is counting down in my building even thiugh I log in every day. Am I supposed to be repairing?