Fall Damage is just stupid

Never mind, Issue was with an update that steam wasn’t updating. Finally got notification not 2 minutes ago of an available update that fixed the issue I was having.

You must be experiencing a bug because fall damage was majorly nerfed, and if u have 20 agility it’s halved, like u should be able to jump 80 some feet and survive.

Weird. I am not getting messages saying the game needs an update or the server for that matter.

I have a rock outside my house, if I jump off the top of it and land on the ground. SPLAT! dead. Maybe a 6 to 7 foot fall.

ROFL. I just logged out of the game. Went to restart it and was hit with “Update Queued”. I am betting this is the update I am missing. Weird it wasn’t there 15 minutes ago though.

Been there for hours.

Obviously yes, sadly not for me. I was connected to steam all night, and all morning, no updates, now, 3 minutes ago… Update available. Steam hates me I guess.

After patch… Still the same thing. Jump off the rock… SPLAT dead.
Sadly I figured out what the problem was. Fall damage is tied directly in to player damage. Boost player damage and fall damage gets a massive boost. I turned player damage back to 1.0 and I can now survive a 6 foot fall and take 20% life damage. Put it back to realistic levels of player damage and ANY fall damage kills players.
I am not sure if this the way it’s intended to work, but it pretty much killed the server I was running and 13 hardcore players and 10 Offnonners left. We just wanted to have fun with balanced damage for players and NPC’s. Guess that isn’t an option now as the server is dead.