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I summarized all the mentioned series (even though some are better than others, more or less canon and more or less on-topic…)

I’ve bolded the Conan series’ ones and I hope most of the wikipedia links go somewhere :innocent:

Help yourselves, Exiles! otherwise, contribute to the wiki, because this list is going to need people checking the links and adding info or thinking up if it isn’t done better another way.

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Not bad but you missed my cosplay armor sets thread. There are tons of series mentioned in there. I don’t know if they count but if you want to be thorough I thought I would let you know.

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Hey there,

Look carefully at the date or the comment section once posting (or click on the date). This thread is from February 2019 and is based on Film or series to watch for Conan Exiles fans?. Yours is from December 2019. I imagine you had to scroll way down to get to this thread, so you should have been able to notice. Though, you might just be a real bookworm and worked your way down the subforum (which I do when I’ve already read most of the recent posts).
Otherwise, you should try to use different wording, as people may think you are plugging your thread to get more views.

Feel free to add the Conan-like series from your thread. They should have a similar timeframe, setting and/or lore (range of IPs in general) or feature characters or the like which refer to it. I would recommend limiting it to a few relevant ones. They preferably appeal to a significant part of the community.
You can always start up a new thread to get more ideas if you like! :slight_smile:

PS: You don’t have to register to contribute. You need a Twitch account to register and login. If you’re not logged in, your IP will be shown and it’ll be less easy to keep in touch on your contributions.
You’re welcome to Join the new fan-made Discord channel! and discuss your contributions in the wiki channel.

Sorry if I gave the wrong impression. I wasn’t trying to plug and simply didn’t see the date. I was honestly just trying to help.

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No problem :slight_smile:

What, no The Barbarians? But it answers the age-old question of what if Conan had been twins, and they’d both been dropped on their heads as infants!