Farewell Funcom, you can thank your GM

I just connected to see that both base of my clan were wiped out without warning.

Mine was build on the Shattered bridge, the RP project was to build a RP hotel while rebuilding and covering the entire Shattered bridge.
There was month of solo effort to build it and it would have taken month to finish it.

Everything is gone, most of the ressources in chests gone, many thralls gone. Most of what’s left are floating in the air, i can’t even dismantle that and take my favourite wolf.

The base was open to everyone, there were people who stayed there just for few nights.
I didn’t block any point of interest.

Instead to wipe BOTH base, couldn’t you just wipe where the problem was? You even wiped most of the crafting station, my stables, my map room.

You have ruined month of efforts, no warning, no message.

I was about to invest in the new turanian set, i will no longer do this in protest.

This is what you have gained by your lack of discernment: You lost not one but three customers who would have potentialy bought some stuff.

It’s with things like this that you are losing customers over the time. Don’t expect us to buy any other of your products.
You showed that you are not worth to support.

Hopefully that in your scam that is the bazaar, i only bought the stromglass set, the sand stone set and with the leftover of my crom coins the haze.


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It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t block poi’s if it’s clearly claiming too much land. It’s in the tos. Projects like the one you invested your time in are best suited to a private server.


So, I can relate to losing a bunch of effort sunk into the game due to someone else’s actions. That said, when you play a game on a server that shows a big pop-up message about how you should read the rules before playing on the server, maybe you really should get familiar with the rules.

In your case, what you did was pretty clear against the rules, as explained by Funcom.

“RP projects” like that are not welcome on official servers. There’s a post from Funcom staffer @Umborls clarifying certain things and giving examples of what you should not do on official servers. I would recommend reading all of it, but if you want to know how your RP project broke the rules, focus on the “Decorative Land Claim” section and the “Bridges, Roads, Paths” section.

Here’s a relevant quote straight from the rules:

That’s what you risk when you play on official servers.

Again, here’s a relevant quote from the rules:

Yeah, it would be great if they did have a warning system, but right now they don’t.

Long story short, while it does suck to lose all that effort, everything you needed to know was clearly spelled out and you could have avoided this situation by getting informed.

Unlike so many other cases, where it’s not always clear why the admins acted and there are suspicions of weaponized mass-reporting, this case is a clear-cut infraction of the rules.


Also if I remember the shattered bridge had ghosts as well as mob spawns on it. Wouldn’t that be blocking a poi due to the ghosts?