Farming World Bosses

So not only do world bosses now only drop 1 key… apparently you can no longer farm them using wall palisades… they glitch all over the place, the palisades are a lot harder to put down – and bleed apparently no longer damages the bosses…

If someone has been able to still farm using the palisades, I’d love to hear about it lol

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So you cant cheese the bosses anymore? :rofl:


Be a man and use an axe.


They were useless anyway. Without working purges, you can’t repair any legendary weapons you do get.

And no, the typos and ommissions in the PurgeConfigTable were apparently not fixed in the latest patch, in defiance of all logic and plausibility.

(unless the update to the dev kit doesn’t reflect live for some weird reason).

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Use foundations for walls and pillars to block them. Same principle as good or even better as you can stay on top of the foundation for the killing, makes things easier for the rhino.

Fair enough, but the point of the palisades is/ was – they did significant bleed damage and killled the bosses for you…

It was an exploit and caused far too much damage. I’m very glad they fixed it. Now you have to spend 10 minutes running in circles poking them in the butt with a hardened steel spear, or get them trapped in an on the spot quick build and again poke them in the butt for 10 minutes. it’s still very easy, but takes more time as it should. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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it is not harder, not more interesting or challenging… it is just more tedious and super extremely boring… There is just too many “world bosses” (I would prefer to call it rare NPCs). Also that random drop is stupid as well. It would be great if the boss dropped weapon straight away and also if 1 type of boss would drop 1 weapon type. For example Rhinos would drop spears, spider - daggers, tiger - 1h sword and so on and so on… total RNG only hurts everyone in every game and since you can find box right next to every “BOSS” it does not make any sense…

Palisades thing was bug as hell, but this is just time consuming s**t…

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