White tiger gone... why? World boss hunting

The white tiger has been removed from both its spawn locations… I suspect it has to do with the unmentioned nerf to using palisades to kill world bosses (which wasn’t something players were complaining about)… funcom’s decision to remove this mechanic in favor of tedious boredom makes no sense – its not as if the world bosses have fun fight mechanics that make them enjoyable to kill. Half of them you can kill by spamming light attack for 10 minutes, the other half aren’t worth the effort (like the rhino king or thunderfoot who both can 1 shot kill you) – yet the reward is the same regardless of which world boss you kill = 1 legendary weapon (pre-patch it was 2 legendary weapons).

Speaking of the Legendary weapons, 75% of them suck and the ones that are decent aren’t really OP enough to make killing world bosses worth it… but thankfully funcom is making these bosses even harder to kill with new AOE attacks, etc… smh

My problem with the world bosses was the HP buff they got at launch. As you mentioned, the Rhino (if he crits) and Rockslide can 1 shot you anyway. In Testlive during the combat tests, I killed the North Dragon with an ancient spear at level 50 in Zamorian Thief armor. It took quite awhile and completely drained the spears durability, and that was BEFORE the HP buff. Now that spear would be 2 spears if tried today.

I was all for the palisade nerf, because it allowed someone to farm a world boss in just a couple minutes, which is not healthy for a weapon that was better than any star metal or hardened steel (even flawless) weapon. My hopes was to bring Telliths Sorrow (the 2h sword) and the Kingslayer Polearm to levels below that of dragon bone and legendary. At least Telith’s weapons require a heart from him, so they could be on par with midgrade legendaries (such an easy boss though).

Now that I think about it and write it out, Nerf everything to be below Legendary or Dragon Bone so that it IS worth spending 10-15 minutes chasing the crocodile or dragon around poking them in the butt. :grin:

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